2021-2022 College Catalog

2021-2022 College Catalog


Caldwell Campus

Location: 2855 Hickory Boulevard (U.S. 321) • Hudson, N.C.

Mailing address: 2855 Hickory Boulevard • Hudson, NC 28638

(828) 726-2200 • Fax: (828) 726-2216

Watauga Campus

Location: 372 Community College Drive • Boone, N.C.

Mailing address: P.O. Box 3318 • Boone, NC 28607

(828) 297-3811 • Fax: (828) 297-4174

Volume XLIV • Effective August 1, 2021

This catalog is intended for informational purposes only. Though the College has made a good faith effort to avoid typographical errors and other mistakes, changes in requirements, rules, fees, procedures, courses, and informational statements may occur after the publication of this catalog. Efforts will be made to keep changes to a minimum, but the college reserves the right to revise any part or section as may be required. Students will be informed of such changes. In any case, erroneous catalog statements do not take precedence over properly adopted policies. The most current edition of the catalog is available on the college website (www.cccti.edu).

Academic advisors and staff members are available to assist students in understanding the requirements and regulations that follow. It is the student’s responsibility, however, to meet them.

Nondiscrimination Statement


Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute is dedicated to equality of opportunity for its staff and students. Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute does not practice or condone discrimination based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or expression, pregnancy, disability, genetic information, age, political affiliation or veterans’ status in the administration or in any of its educational programs, activities and employment practices.

Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute supports the protection of citizens by all applicable Federal and State Laws: Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964; The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990; Section 504 of the Rehabilitations Act of 1973; The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967; Equal Pay Act of 1963; Title II of the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act of 2008; Title IX of the Higher Education Amendments of 1972; Lily Ledbetter Act; NC Equal Employment Practices Act; NC Retaliatory Employment Discrimination Act; Jeanne Clery Disclosure Act of Campus Security Policy and Campus Statistic Act of 1990; Campus Sexual Assault Victim’s Bill of Rights of 1992; Violence Against Women Act of 1994; Campus Sexual Violence Elimination Act of 2013. 

For issues related to sexual harassment, sexual assault and sexual violence, see Institutional Policy and Procedures Manual-Procedures 4.7.2/6.23.2 – Sexual Harassment Procedure.  

For issues related to all other types of unlawful discrimination and harassment, see Institutional Policy and Procedures Manual- Procedures 4.71/6.23.1 – Unlawful Discrimination Procedure.  

The college’s Title IX Coordinator has oversight responsibility for handling sexual harassment complaints and for identifying and addressing any patterns and/or systemic problems involving sexual discrimination or harassment. All allegations involving sexual harassment should be directed to the college’s Title IX Coordinator or one of the Deputy Coordinators listed below: 


Randy Ledford, Title IX Coordinator

Rose Moon

Dr. Kim Van Wie (Watauga Campus)

H-Building, Room 124

A-Building, Room 121

W-460, Room 101

Phone number: 828-726-2241

Phone number: 828-726-2269

Phone number: 828- 297-2185 Ext. 5206

Email: rlledford@cccti.edu

Email: rmoon@cccti.edu

Email: kvanwie@cccti.edu