2021-2022 College Catalog

Core Values for Improvement

Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute’s core values represent our shared beliefs within the institution. These values define the character or essence of the institution, describe expectations, set standards, and drive our organization’s priorities.

As an institution, we value:

Teaching and Learning – We embrace an educational climate that promotes lifelong learning, intellectual growth, and scholarship through excellence in teaching.

Student Success – We cultivate environments and opportunities that are conducive to student learning, development, and success.

Academic Excellence – We commit to providing exemplary educational experiences.

Innovation – We aspire to improve the college environment through critical and creative thinking.

Integrity – We encourage an environment of fairness and honesty by upholding the highest ethical standards throughout the college.

Communication – We recognize that effective communication is essential to establishing a culture that fosters collaboration, strengthens relationships with others, and promotes the mission of the college.

Community – We nurture partnerships and relationships that strengthen the local, regional, state and global communities.

Inclusion and Diversity – We create respectful and equitable work and learning environments across differences where every person feels valued and has opportunities for growth and potential.