2015-2016 College Catalog

2015-16 Academic Calendar

Fall Semester 2015

Monday, August 10 Employee/Kickoff Day
August 10-21 Charge in Bookstore
August 12 Final Registration
Monday, August 17 Curriculum Classes Begins
Monday, August 17 4-Week Minimester I Begins
Monday, August 17 8-Week Minimester I Begins
August 17-18 Schedule Change Period
Monday, September 7 Labor Day Holiday/Institution Closed
Tuesday, September 8 No Curriculum Classes
Tuesday, September 15 4-Week Minimester I Ends
Wednesday, September 16 4-Week Minimester II Begins
Wednesday, September 16 Constitution Day Activities
Thursday, October 1 FAFSA filing target deadline for Spring 2016
Tuesday, October 13 8-Week Minimester I Ends
Tuesday, October 13 4-Week Minimester II Ends
Wednesday, October 14 4-Week Minimester III Begins
Wednesday, October 14 8-Week Minimester II Begins
October 15-17 Curriculum Student Fall Break
Wednesday, November 11 Veterans Day Holiday/Institution Closed
Friday, November 13 4-Week Minimester III Ends
Monday, November 16 4-Week Minimester IV Begins
Monday, November 16 Current Students Registration Begins
Thursday, November 19-December 3 New Student Registration Begins
Tuesday, November 24 Fall Graduation Application Deadline
Wednesday, November 25 No Curriculum Classes/Institution closes at 5 pm
November 26-28 Thanksgiving Holiday/Institution Closed
Friday, December 4 Spring Tuition Payment Due by 12 pm
Wednesday, December 16 4-Week Minimester IV Ends
Wednesday, December 16 8-Week Minimester II Ends
Wednesday, December 16 End of Fall Semester
Thursday, December 17 Grades due by 3 pm
Wednesday, December 23 Institution Closes at Noon
December 24-31 Christmas Holiday/Institution Closed

Spring Semester 2016

January 1 Institution Closed for New Year’s Holiday
January 4 Professional Development Day
January 6 Final Registration
January 5-15 Charge in Bookstore
Monday, January 11 Curriculum Classes Begins
Monday, January 11 4-Week Minimester I Begins
Monday, January 11 8-Week Minimester I Begins
January 11-12 Schedule Change Period
Monday, January 18 Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday/ Institution Closed
Monday, February 8 4-Week Minimester I Ends
Tuesday, February 9 4-Week Minimester II Begins
Friday, February 19 Spring Graduation Application Deadline
Tuesday, March 1 FAFSA Filing target deadline for Summer 2016
Monday, March 7 8-Week Minimester I Ends
Monday, March 7 4-Week Minimester II Ends
Tuesday, March 8 4-Week Minimester III Begins
Tuesday, March 8 8-Week Minimester II Begins
Monday, March 28 Easter Monday, Institution Closed
March 28-April 1 Curriculum Student Spring Break
April 4-April 21 Current Student Registration Summer/Fall
April 7-April 21 New Student Summer Registration
Monday, April 11 4-Week Minimester III Ends
Tuesday, April 12 4-Week Minimester IV Begins
Friday, April 22 Summer Tuition Payment Due by 12 pm
Friday, May 1 FAFSA filing target deadline for Fall 2016
Monday, May 9 End of Spring Semester
Monday, May 9 8-Week Minimester II Ends
Monday, May 9 4-Week Minimester IV Ends
Tuesday May 10 Grades due by 3 pm
Thursday, May 12 AHS/High School Equivalency Graduation
Friday, May 13 Curriculum Graduation

Summer Semester 2016 (10 weeks)

May 11-20 Charge in Bookstore
Monday, May 16 Final Summer Registration
Wednesday, May 18 Curriculum Classes Begin
Wednesday, May 18 1st 5-Week Session Begins
Wednesday, May 18 1st 4-Week Minimester I Begins
Wednesday, May 18 8-Week Minimester I Begins
May 18-19 Schedule Change Period
Monday, May 30 Memorial Day Holiday/ Institution Closed
Tuesday, June 14-August 4 Registration for Fall Semester Begins
Wednesday, June 15 1st 4-Week Minimester I Ends
Thursday, June 16 2nd 4-Week Minimester II Begins
Wednesday, June 22 1st 5-Week Session Ends
Thursday, June 23 2nd 5-Week Session Begins
Friday, June 24 Deadline to Apply for Summer Graduation
Friday, Saturday, July 1-2 No Curriculum Classes
Monday, July 4 Independence Day Holiday/ Institution Closed
Friday, July 15 2nd 4-Week Minimester II Ends
Friday, July 29 End of Summer Semester
Friday, July 29 2nd 5-Week Session Ends
Monday, August 1 Grades Due by 3 pm
Friday, August 5 Fall Tuition Payment Due by 12 pm