Parking Regulations

Pursuant to N.C.G.S. § 115D-21, the College shall enforce the following traffic

A.   Chapter 20 of the North Carolina General Statutes regarding the operation of
      motor vehicles on North Carolina highways shall apply to the College’s streets,
      roads, alleys and driveways along with all other rules and regulations contained
      herein. These regulations shall apply on a twenty-four (24) hour basis.

B.   The speed limit on any College street, road, or alley shall be the maximum of 20
      miles per hour.

C.   While on the College campus, all drivers shall comply with the Campus Resource
      Officer’s legal instructions and shall obey all traffic and parking laws and
      regulations. The College shall be responsible for ensuring that the necessary
      signs are erected and maintained on the campus.

D.   The College shall ensure that information about operating a motor vehicle on the
      College’s campus is given out at every student orientation and registration. A
      copy of this Policy shall be included in all student publications. Failure to obtain
      a copy of this Policy or not knowing the traffic laws is not an excuse or
      justification for violation of the laws and regulations.

E.  All vehicles operated on campus must be properly registered and display a
     College parking hangtag on the Students, faculty and staff must register their
     vehicles within the first two (2) weeks of employment (for employees) or the first
     two (2) weeks of the semester (for students).

F.  Any vehicle that is driven by or is transporting a person who is handicapped and
     that displays a state-issued license plate, a removable windshield placard or a
     temporary removable windshield placard may park in designated handicap spaces
     on campus. No one will be allowed to park in designated handicapped spaces
     without the proper license plate or placard.

G. Temporary Parking Permits. Visitors and clients doing business with the
     College may obtain a temporary parking permit. This permit is not valid for
     College employees or students. Visitors and clients may park in any legal
     parking space on campus. Visitors and clients must have a state-issued
     distinguishing license plate, a removable windshield placard or a temporary
     removable windshield placard to park in designated handicapped spaces.

A.  Campus Resource Officers shall have the authority to issue citations for all
     moving violations and handicapped parking violations. For a complete list of all
     moving violations, see Chapter 20 of the North Carolina General Statutes. Such
     moving violations include, but are not limited to:

     1. Reckless driving.
     2. Driving faster than the posted speed limit.
     3. Failure to obey traffic signs.
     4. Failure to yield right-of-way at pedestrian crossings.
     5. Following too closely.
     6. Driving while impaired or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
     7. Failure to yield to emergency vehicles.
     8. Operating a vehicle that creates a safety hazard.
     9. Parking in a designated handicapped space without the proper license
         place or placard.

B. Campus Resource Officers and other College personnel authorized by the
    President shall have the authority to issue parking citations for violations
    including, but not limited to:

    1. Parking in a restricted parking lot or zone.
    2. Parking on grass (unless a sign indicates permission).
    3. Blocking any legally parked vehicle.
    4. Affixing a parking hangtag to a vehicle other than that for which it was
    5. Parking against traffic flow.
    6. Blocking or obstructing traffic, street, crosswalk, sidewalk, fire hydrant,
        building entrance or exit.
    7. Parking where protruding into a lane of traffic.
    8. Double parking.
    9. Parking on shoulder of road (unless a sign indicates permission)
  10. Failure of two-wheeled vehicles to park in designated areas.
  11. Parking a vehicle in any manner that creates a safety hazard.
  12. Leaving a vehicle on campus overnight without having prior permission
       and notifying Campus Resource Officers.

The following system of citations shall be used.
A. Moving and Handicapped Violations (Section II(A))

    1. Campus Resource Officers have the legal authority to issue citations for
        all moving violations and handicapped parking violations. Citations shall
        carry a penalty or fine as set forth in Chapter 20 or Chapter 14 of the
        North Carolina General Statutes; if no fine or penalty is specified in
        statute, the fine shall be no more than one hundred dollars ($100.00).

    2. The Campus Resource Officer issuing the citation will advise the violator
        of the scheduled court date and procedure for payment of the fine.

    3. In addition, employees and students are subject to disciplinary action
        pursuant to institutional policy.

B. Parking Violations (Section II(B))

    1. Beginning the third week of the semester, the rules outlined herein shall
       be enforced.

    2. Each parking violation shall result in a citation placed on the vehicle and a
       twenty-five dollar ($25.00) fine. The fine must be paid within thirty (30)
      business days or the violator will lose his/her parking privileges until the
      fine is paid.

   3. Multiple parking violations may result in the vehicle's towing and loss of
       parking privileges on campus for the remainder of the academic year.

   4. Student registration for new/additional courses or release of transcripts
       will be blocked until all parking tickets have been paid.

  5. In addition, employees and students are subject to disciplinary action
     pursuant to institutional policy and procedure.

  6. All abandoned vehicles and vehicles blocking a drive, obstructing the
      flow of traffic, creating a safety hazard, parked in a fire lane, loading
      zone, or designated tow-away zone are subject to tow at the full expense
      of the owner.

  7. All proceeds of civil penalties collected shall be remitted to the Civil
      Penalty and Forfeiture Fund in accordance with N.C.G.S. § 115C-457.2.


The College may have vehicles towed in accordance with the provisions of Article 7A,
Chapter 20, of the General Statutes of the state of North Carolina. Vehicles not plainly
displaying authorization to park in restricted areas including disabled/handicapped
parking, visitor parking, reserved parking spaces for institutional vehicles, loading
zones, and vehicles that park in any areas not specifically marked for parking by signage
and/or painted parking spaces in paved parking lots are subject to being towed on the
first violation. Unregistered vehicles parked on the campus in excess of 48 hours and
vehicles parked on campus by persons who have had their parking privileges revoked
are also subject to being towed. The order to two a vehicle must be given by the
president, or president’s designee, or the next highest-ranking administrator in charge at
the time the need for towing services arises. The College will maintain written records
on orders to tow. CCC&TI is not responsible for any alleged damage, expense, or
inconvenience created by the necessity of having a vehicle towed. The vehicle operator
and/or owner of towed vehicle are responsible for the payment of towing fees and for
storage charges assessed by towers. Towing fees are payable directly to the tower.
Information related to the location of a towed vehicle may be obtained from:

Caldwell Campus:
Forlines Building receptionist (F-Bldg.)
Vice President, Student Services
Vice President, Operations

Watauga Campus:
Student Services Building receptionists (W460)
Executive Director, Watauga Campus.

Any person who is observed habitually in violation of the CCC&TI traffic and parking
regulations shall be directed to the Vice President, Student Services for consultation and
consideration resulting from violations of the CCC&TI Code of Conduct found in the
College Catalog. All Code of Conduct stipulations will be observed. Severe and/or
repeated violations of this policy may result in a revocation of campus parking

Individuals receiving a citation pursuant to Section II(B) may appeal in writing to Vice
President, Student Services within five (5) business days of receipt of the citation. The
Vice President, Student Services will review the matter and his/her decision shall be